"Alone In My Principles" lyrics


"Alone In My Principles"

I don’t care
when the leaves start to change.
A year goes by everything’s the same.
We live our lives
on autopilot.
An unrealistic target, we can’t hit.

You know that we can never win.
The odds are stacked again us.
You know that we lost when we began.
But that will never stop us.

We know that we will make it through.
Yeah that’s an understatement.
We know that we will make it through.

I don’t care what you have to say to me
or the nameless faces on the screen.
You should be whatever it is you wanna be
cause someday soon you will see.
There will be someone who holds you down
be someone who tells you you’re not FREE!

There will be someone who holds you back.
Tries real hard to knock you off the track.

but you gotta tell them...

I don't care.
We don’t care.

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