"Self Destruct" lyrics


"Self Destruct"

Is there anyone there to guide you?
Anyone to stand beside you?
I see no one, nothing but your fear
You breathe despair, must feel so lonely
Do you feel like you’re the one and only?
Disappointment follows you around
You tell yourself “they’ll never break me”
But you’re a wreck and you’re sick of hating
Fighting ghosts that no one else but only you can see
You got to ask what are your choices
To keep going or obey the voices
This world is sick and it´s building up to self-destruct

Self Destruct

Reject your own direction
You lost all connection
Paralyzed and desensitized, blinded by the lights
You tricked yourself you know it
But you just don´t want to show it
Recognizing and embracing the triumph in defeat
There´s a whisper going through your senses
Telling you to build higher fences
No one’s allowed inside to pray on your demise
Your mind’s set on disaster
The end’s approaching fast and
This world is sick and it´s building up to self destruct

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