"Nathalie" lyrics



She had her mind somewhere elsewhere
In a world without a care
Riding on a starlit beam into a lost dimension

Chasing fireflies all night
Gazing at the magic lights
She won’t be on her way back home in a long, long time no

Nathalie, living in a vivid dream
Nathalie, nothing is what it seems to be
Nathalie, lost in the land of kings and queens
Nathalie…oh Nathalie

She heard a voice call out from far
Like a signal from a distant star
A message from another world received and lost in translation

It doesn’t seem as she’ll be back
There are no signs and she lost track
The fireflies are since long gone and she can’t find her way home

Oh Nathalie I think it’s time to wake up
Before your dreams all turn to dust
Yesterday is but today’s memory
Tomorrow is another dream

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