"Medal Of Sorrow" lyrics


"Medal Of Sorrow"

All through the history of mankind
Battles have been fought out on sea and in on land
We´ve been dying for our nations
Passed on to every generation
No questions, it´s an honor
For the president and the Holy Father
And if sadly I would fall
I’ll receive the greatest gift of all

All good soldiers fall in line
Tell me are you ready to die
Land of the free, home of the brave
Paving ground for the American way

I´ve been looking to my heart for answers
Cause you won’t be given any second chances
When the day comes I´ll stand ready
Lined up with the buddies that I´ll bury
No tears and please no sorrow
If I’m dead and gone tomorrow
I carry this weapon for my land
Forgive me God when they fall by my hand

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