"Josephine" lyrics



I’ve walked through flames and I’ve felt the pain
Dwelled and pondered night and day
Retreated back into my womb of sorrows

I drank myself to sleep at night
Wrecked the room in a one man fight
Cursed myself for loving someone as awful as you

Take a look at what you’ve done
There’s nothing left of me
Nothing but fragments of my heart
Is this my fate, my tragedy?
On display for everyone to see
Thanks for your sincerity

Dear Josephine

I’m sick of feeling dead inside
Depressed and lonely and crucified
Memories of yesterday still haunt me

The sacrifices I have made
And now I’m feeling so betrayed
I hate myself for loving someone as awful as you

I accused the world and I blamed God
I fought my demons and life’s been hard
These hateful feelings are burning in my chest
I ripped your pictures and burned your clothes
And all your letters been disposed
Yet the memory of you is killing me

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