"Hand In Hand" lyrics


"Hand In Hand"

Do you want to, run away with me and never look back again
And never have to pretend
That life is static, all mathematics’, flat and without a plan
While stuck in a spinning can

Let’s do whatever, we feel like forever or we could hang out in my car
And count all the stars
Or fly off to Neptune and then back to Saturn, moving towards the sun
To join together as one

I don’t think they’ll understand, when they see us hand in hand
And I can’t promise we’ll be fine, all that matters is that you are mine

At the dawning of the day, we’ll be a thousand light-years away
I hope this night will never end, I wish this night would never end

When this is over, arriving from nowhere, back to reality
Stuck in quarantine
We’ll stare at the sun and remember the fun and charge our hearts with the love
That we can’t let go of…

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