"Tour Thousand One: A Rock Oddysey" lyrics


"Tour Thousand One: A Rock Oddysey"

remembering van wars with tim.
chocolate cake, beans and pie, cold cuts, tomatoes, salad dressing.
getting drunk with Drive By Punch, staying in that bed and breakfast,
Bradey pissed the bed again, bradey pissed the bed again.
another day on the road goes by, it was the best day of my life.
if this tour gets any better i'm not coming home.
what the shit?
nothing's going according to plan and five hundred bucks
that we don't have just might fix this broken van.
endless snow everywhere we want to go.
another closed down highway, another cancelled show.
Montreal with Caroline, Complete's cases of homemade wine,
High Five Drive in Winnipeg, JerryCan and Withecourt fans.
pissed off cops in North BC, trashed hotels with DGB,
and you know when we're in town, there's a huge party at Browns.
let me thank you for these wasted years.
you think this little shit is going to bring me down or sen me home,
it's not going to happen.
everyday is the best day of my life.

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