"Meatbot 3000" lyrics


"Meatbot 3000"

I still remember the day when the scientist
Declared that they invented a robot that runs on meat.
What do you think happens when they run out of cows?
They're coming after you!
And of course they'll say,
"There's nothing to be afraid of,they were designed to obey."
That's what they always say.
Right before we die! can't you see?
Can't believe you can be so stupid, it's obvious to me.
War will break out and we must prepare.
And since our so-called "leaders" don't want to form a plan,
The fate of the world rests in the Johnsons' hand!
Alright everyone, here's the plan:
Since our weapons won't do them no harm,
Our only chance is a hundred thousand BBQs will bring them out,
We'll fight them with this mighty riff!
Try to decode, your CPU will explode!
War will break out and we must prepare.
And I for one am not just going to sit by
And let these lifeless bastards take what should be mine!
Are you with me? CHARGE!!!!
And on that fateful day,
When the robots come for me I won't run away.

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