"Gypsies For Life" lyrics


"Gypsies For Life"

you best beware this van may contain traces of gypsy.you can tell by the smell and the big brown canopy.we'll pretend we're your friend but we just stole your canoe and now we're offering to sell it back to you, and before you realize what's happened we're in the next town.and if you look, strapped to our roof: a barely used canoe.look familiar to you?there must be two.step up! gypsies represent!a tank of gas is still cheaper than rent.and if money is tight we'll bust out the cards, or sell a canoe that was never really ours.never having to go to work is nice, when you're making enough money shooting dice.it's easy to learn we'll show you how, just throw your dollar down.help is on the way, sit tight.we've been driving all through the night, just to bring you this show, but you probably won't go, because you gotta get up in the morning.sometimes i don't know why we even try, do you need a canoe?we've got one you can buy.in fact, this week everything must go.we're going on tour,and that's why the ad say ''for sale: everything i own.''i won't need any of that shit, no not where we're going. well maybe my guitar and some clothes, and this van that we now call our home.maybe it's just me, but i believe in all the things that they say about life, and how you should live for this moment. never regret, the road less travelled, and all of that shit. and the back of this van feels more like home than my living room and i don't think i'll be coming home.no, not tonight.gypsies for life.

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