"Morning New Disease" lyrics


"Morning New Disease"

Morning new disease, charcoal in bed
Bone soaked, anemic, listen in horror
To the scraping of flatware and china
And saran wrap to stifle libido

Air shaft, a chasm, their lives flung open
Sickness is a time for hating your neighbors
In their milk flats with five kids too many
Having day sex because they're all daughters

And you're thinking the same two things
Over and over again

I am dreaming of a life
I am dreaming of waking up
There's this anger rising cancer in me, standing like a wall
Between the waking world I seek and this infected plane of sleep
Love, come like an axe to all this ice and set me free
There's a black rewarding book beneath this stiff sheet, if you look carefully

Noise, police, white hearse, TV air wave, methadone
Diet, contact, safe sex, antibiotic
For your safety, we've taken sharp objects
It's their object to keep you from waking

Taste test serenade, we dig the grave
Lose weight astrologically, no money down
For your enjoyment, we've excised the dialogue
For your protection, we've installed this camera

Just keep thinking the same clean thoughts
And keep telling yourself it's alright

I am dreaming of a life and it's not the life that's mine
In a stolen car, I rocket west, out past that Jersey line
And the robots in their riot gear glimmer in my rear view mirror
Love came like an axe and had her way with this coarse earth
And a rich deserving book, she was recovered and understood and I awoke

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