"Run This City" lyrics


"Run This City"

When I come in, you start to sin
Don't worry, don't worry
I got it.
I'm so full of me there's hardly room for you to breathe

Well I'll be there, don't doubt it
No matter where you are, that's where I'll be
Yeah I'll be there, don't doubt me

Because I run this city right and gritty.

If I hear you saying something about me
To the left I've got my friends and they're ready to swing
To the back I've got my army they're as big as the sea
And it looks like yours is just ready to leave!
The spotlights will agree I am a show you've got to see

I run this city right and gritty with a heavy hand.
I do it for me, I run this city.
I do it for me

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