"Doctor, Please!" lyrics


"Doctor, Please!"

Well I set sail to find the edge of the planet
Instead I fell off before I got to the ship.
One morning you'll wake up, and you're actually caring
About all the things that you said you never would think about.

Doctor, please!
There's something wrong with me.
I haven't been this clever in what feels like forever.
Surgery won't cut it out of me
It's spread throughout my body
so don't you even try and take it out.

All my friends wonder how I developed a habit
To disappear without leaving a trace.
You'll find me six feet under.
Boy, have I carried myself way down.

And not a part of me will be left in the room.
No I won't lie to you.
When I can dive through you.
Whoa, I'm doing better now
No I won't lie to you,
When I can dive through you.

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