"Old Bones And Dirty Coffins" lyrics


"Old Bones And Dirty Coffins"

A good job, good home
But you chose the streets as a place to go
Taking on the uniform to wear loud and proud
But underneath it all, a teenage suburban girl
With her parents and a brother and a sister that miss her
And they can't figure out why she's not listening

And she's sleeping 6 feet deep tonight
She's got old bones and dirty coffins
They can't be better than broken homes
Lonely fossil lying in the cold

Unconditional love and protection from the cold
It all came down to one long cruel night
She took but one shot to the vein
And time stood still she'll never be the same
And now she realizes the streets aren't fun and games


Feel the chill as time stood still
The rain came and the angels sang
I watched the people come and go
The black cars lined row by row
And Jenny's parents are left to weep
While her spirit sleeps on the concrete


And it's do or die, and death or glory
When choose the streets stricken by the devils and the cheats
And they'll take your soul and turn you inside out

Thanks to Sonya for these lyrics

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