"The Manhattan Project" lyrics


"The Manhattan Project"

It's not the first thing
That crosses your mind
Early in the morning
In fact it worries me
How few minds it crosses at all
I must admit that it took that film
To bring that matter to my attention
And now i worry about
Who's Got the guns

Thought to myself
When that fear crossed my mind
It takes just one country
To start a war of this king
Maybe there's something
I should do with my life
So often this world
Finds itself balancing on a knife

I wanna see them all gone from this world
There's better things to spend that money on
There's other ways to make this overcome
Won't have to prove it
That we're just as strong as you
An is it me or is society
Becoming blinder by the day
To what's behind those hills
Along del muerto way

So bright it reached the girl's blind eyes
Stretched from the jemez mountains
To the still dark skies
Such intensity
Neighbouring communities
Would swear the sun rose twice that day
I think it's time that we took that matter
Into our own hands and shut them down
It's time we rid ourselves of this curse
It's we who created this terror
We can't let it stay here for ever

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