"Sinking Ships" lyrics


"Sinking Ships"

Do you remember how it all began, this fairytale of perfection? We tried to build this fantasy on picture perfect memories. But as we turned against the grain the imperfections still remain. And so you turned on us and bit by bit took everything we had till there was nothing left to keep us afloat. Oh what a big surprise you never learnt to compromise, you only ever took your time. Oh what a big surprise, you never opened up your eyes to everything you left behind. But bit by bit we’ll take back all you stole. So how much time will it take to salvage all that we lost? ‘Cause when you fixed your eyes like a snake you didn’t contemplate the cost. Did you ever make your decisions devoid of pride and without condition? Did you ever stop to think or did you just jump ship when we started sinking? And now you’re standing here before me again.

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