"Pipe Down" lyrics


"Pipe Down"

I'll tell you this 'cos i've never quite felt
The way i feel tonight
I take a look around the same old place
And i find that with this state of mind
There's the key, i can see all i've wanted to see
And what your underground's telling me
And now i know
I'll never leave this place behind

You tell me that you spend your life
Wondering why you're son unsatisfied
You tell me that you can't sleep at night
With the pain
And things just ain't the same
Since you did what you did
And threw the lid on your childhood dreams
For your place in the city
Well don't you think
You left a little too much behind?

Pipe down 'cos i don't wanna hear your lies
When you say that there's no other way
Pipe down 'cos i don't wanna hear it
When you say there's no place left to turn

I'll tell you this 'cos I've never quite found
A way to stand upright
L look around to find the same old case
And i find that we've been walking blind
Since the day when the way
Was to stand on your own
And take on the world all alone
To make a fortune for a better day

So there's money in your pocket
Andy you say you've got a choice
But what's the use of freedom
When you don't have a voice
To chase your troubled times away?

So take a look around tonight
At the faces of a crowd you once recognised
Contient without a fortune or the pain
So now you understand
Things ain't what they seem
In this place tonight
There's more than just a scene

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