"Nothing You Can Do" lyrics


"Nothing You Can Do"

What must i do to get your attention?

Hey you,
There's nothin's you can do about this
I'd like to take a minute
Just to think about
Just why we're forced to kick this habit
For a cause appearing
Justified only by you

I see you try to analyse
The grand shceme of things
Find a way to simplify
What all this really means
But step back and find
That things have never seemed so far
From grand as they do today so

What must i do to get your attention?
You think you know but
You really don't understand
So mr officer won't you think of me
When you go home
And lay your head tonight?

Hey you,
Did you ever stop to think about this?
There are far worse things
For you to be concerned about
Cultivation of a crop
To cure a nation of its angst
Never seemed so wrong to me

So won't you come take a trip
With me and my friends
To a place in the mind
Where the fun never ends
Its time to drown
These preconceptions that we keep
Understand before we act
Apprehend before we speak

Tell me lo change
You know you won't make me
You complain
But you know you won't shake me

Hear me this time it's up to you

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