"Going Up In Smoke" lyrics


"Going Up In Smoke"

Let’s just pretend, just for a minute things were panning out exactly how we planned. And we’ll try to keep ourselves from falling off the map. Anticipation takes us as we hold our breath ‘cause it’s all going under now. (Sit tight ‘cause this motherfucker’s going down) to a place where they keep the forgotten. (The lost souls sink to the bottom). Sit tight as we burn it to the ground. ‘Cause everywhere I turn it seems I’m followed by the sound of your incandescent voice, telling me softly that we’re falling to our knees. Well I don’t see this going anywhere. (Give it up; give it up ‘cause you’re too late). Time is running out but don’t despair. (Say your goodbyes now ‘cause you’re slipping away). I won’t deny it you can take it or leave it. I hope you’re listening, you better believe this now. You might see me crack a smile when it all goes up in smoke. Let’s just pretend, ‘cause since we started building up these walls so high, we don’t see what’s going on before our eyes. Please avert your eyes cause we no longer recognise you. A case of out with the old and in with the new. If your scene can’t progress it’s a dead end street. (Throw it in ‘cause it’s crumbling beneath your feet). And don’t bother holding out but listen up. I’ve got something to say now. (Think I know reasons why you threw this away now). Remember once you aspired to be something more than the face of a dying breed. Left behind, like the remnants in the tide. Cast aside for the while cause we’re so lost we’re falling to our knees.

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