"Ghosts" lyrics



Set the pace and we’ll leave this crooked place behind. All insecurities and doubts will be discarded by the time we spring to life. And our blood will circulate again. We’ll take the embers from the
sun and on beating wings we will ascend, straight through the clouds that convolute the sky. Sailing on changes in the breeze, just for one moment we will be spectators of the world below. But look no further as we fall back down to earth. Nobody sees. (No one will advocate these cascading embers from the sky). As we come around we’ll soon begin to feel so defeated but we won’t know why. These adolescent dreams we once believed are now raining down like fire in the sky. But we’ll turn our backs tonight. Set the pace. We’ll march on with credence in our stride and such conviction in our words ‘cause we’ll have nothing left to hide from those around. And over time augmenting cracks begin to show in our design. But we will tonight take back our poise and start to grow towards the light. But when we fall back down to earth no one believes. (No one will apprehend us). No one will stop to break our fall. But our fragments will be carried in the wind. And now we’ve come so far and this feeling will begin to disappear. (No one will advocate these cascading embers from the sky)

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