"1989" lyrics



old friend, I wonder where did you go?
things have started to change
since you left this place you know

all my friends are fighting
and then world wars on the horizon again
and now I start to think
that I've lost my mind
and we find ourselves here
one last time

so is it true
that all we've come to give a shit about
is based around destruction
of our fellow mankind
replacing tolerance, freedom and respect
with a power-mad state of mind

so have we lost control?
is it really worth turning back the clock?
or is it just too late?
well I don't think so

I'll understand if your hears not in this
but think again 'cos it's time to believe in it
next time around they'll be no excuses
think again 'cos it's time
that we worked this out

so hear our cry
(from the bottom of out hearts)
something's not right
whatever happened
to the words of yesterday?
in the days when we were friends

old friend i wonder where have you been?
whatever happened
to the words on which we used to lean

i guess they've been here all along
silently uniting us as one
don't you know
that this is the real meaning of freedom
in this basement show tonight?

isn't there a lesson here for us all to learn?

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