"The Carnival" lyrics


"The Carnival"

as the lights go down at the carnival
and the last ride grinds to a stop
all the bums are singing out ‘the parting glass’
in the church across the lot
and all the thieves and the liars and the hypocrites
that brought her down so low
all file past the coffin man
like wolves out on the prowl
and everyone has an alibi
no one was at the scene
the only eulogy is written out in spraypaint on the street

lady liberty what the hell is happening
it seems like your torch it don't burn for me
your children are hungry and can't find their way home
whatever happened to the dream?

all the junkies and the drunks and the burned out punks
out wandering the streets
just looking for a five spot of happiness
to burn away their broken dreams
and in a penthouse apartment in a highrise
standing high above the filth
you know the promised land just went and made a promise
to someone else
and the guns on the roof are silent for now
but you still don't feel safe
until you're locked in your room five floors up man
planning your escape.

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