"Date With A Needle" lyrics


"Date With A Needle"

I got a date with a needle
Outside Allen's pharmacy
I had a fight with my ego
The pain is growing constantly and
I signed a deal with the devil
He took away my misery
I got a date with a needle

Now all my friends are drunks and half the time I'm stoned
I tried to call my man but he won't pick up the phone
And if I go to Mickey Mouse he's gonna nail me to the cops
I might live down the drain but I don't hang out with rats
I work half of my days (that's right)
And what I'm trying to say
Is that I'm floating more than swimming
If this is reality I'd rather be daydreaming

Now I can't even walk in my neighborhood
There are cops on every corner
Why won't they leave me alone?
Always straight pulling me over
Now there's this suit across the street
Keeping his eye on me
Parks his car outside my door
I wish I could smash his face on the floor
There's this woman living right next door
Always on about something or other
But what she doesn't know
I was selling drugs to her daughter
But I'm not gonna take it no more

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