"Chemical Salvation" lyrics


"Chemical Salvation"

seven thirty on a summers night
out in the city cruising on my bike
i've been sitting in the park all day
drinking cheap wine and getting high
watching time just drift away
slippin’ thru traffic with my walkman on
no obligations nowhere i belong
a million miles above the day to day
lost my religion but i keep my faith
and as the night comes in
feel like i'm home again
got both feet on the ground
but my minds on vacation and i'm tuning out

i think the drugs are kicking in
my hands are numb and the whole bars spinning

the sun is setting and i'm feeling lost
down at the club trying to shake it off
it's too early to dance so i'm drinking scotch
hanging with the germ at the bar in my flip flops
sixteen fifty and a gram of weed
i'm a conduit for my own insanity
so i hit the bricks relax my mind
turn the music up glide along under the streetlights
across the city i make the rounds
and when last call comes i'm finally coming down
and as i'm headed home
feels like i made it
and everything's alright
so it's over and out
another transmission from the late night

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