"The Distance Between You And Me Is Longer Than The Title Of This Song" lyrics


"The Distance Between You And Me Is Longer Than The Title Of This Song"

[Canadian Softball]

Lost in my thoughts again,
I never know what to say
Sitting under the oak tree in my front yard playing Pokémon games
We had so much fun doing stuff like that
Pacing metaphorically through the Midwest
My heart drags on the bottom of the ocean
Like a silver fox prancing under the desert sun
I forgot to turn in my homework

The summer came to an end
When the autumn leaves fall on the winter grass
You keep pretending, and I’m still sad

Riding down to the Waffle House on our fixed-gear bikes
I watched the sun rise countless times
I think I lost my library card...
I'm still sad!

This is the last time I will use your name in a song!
And I can’t believe all the time that’s gone by
This is the last time that I'll ever hold your hand!
Do you remember those nights on the front porch?
Across from my parents house, behind our school
How can I remember not to cry when I'm so sad?

You’re so dramatic

If Newborn Babies Could Speak
They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth!

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Or In Our Soil, OR IN OUR WATER!!!!

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