"Misogeneric" lyrics



Featuring Mattie Montgomery

[Amidst The Grave's Demons]

Chivalry is dead!

You always go for bad boys

You owe me for all the things that I’ve done
I was better than everyone
Don’t say I’m like a brother to you
I deserve more, I have nothing to prove

You know, real men have class and swag is for [click click]

I’m not a jerk, I’m not a douchebag
I don’t belong in this friend zone

In case you haven't noticed...
I’m a nice guy!
I’m a nice guy, Bitch!

I never gave you up, I never let you down
I never ran around and deserted you
I’m entitled to your affection

If I could make you feel how I felt when you stabbed me in the back
And I could look you in the face with these bloodshot eyes
This one time, I would say -

Right to your face, right now, in this very moment
If I could tell you one thing before I walk out the door
With my last dying breath, I'd tell you -

Very carefully, without hesitation
This one thing that I’m going to tell you right now
If you only knew how ready I was to say that -

If I was the last person on earth
And you were the other last person on earth
Then you wouldn’t be ready for when these words hit you
In just a second, I’m gonna do it, here it is -

I don't like you...

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