"Bite The Curb" lyrics


"Bite The Curb"

Featuring Dave Thompson

[Chewed Up]


Get out of my face!
I don’t think you know your place
Filling the streets with your shit
Down in the gutter, afraid to commit
To the truth I give my life
I keep the faith even through the strife
Boston Hardcore born and raised
I will never stand by a fake

You in my way, I'll knock you down
My enemies are all around
You talkin' smack, you watch your back
I chew you up, I spit you out

I have friends that are stronger than you’ll ever be
You’re nothing but a sell out punk who never stood for anything
I never want to live like you, you make me sick
I’d rather be let up than be a let up

Life wasn’t easy growing up in the suburbs
People called me stupid names, that really hurts
I don’t care if I went to private school
I’ll smash your face in, don’t be so cruel

I will stand here right by my friends
I stand for purity, honesty, respect
Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness
Gentleness, and self-control!

I go to church every damn day
Get off my back or there’s hell to pay
I will not hesitate to call the cops
My dads a lawyer, you better stop!

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