"A Slave A Son" lyrics


"A Slave A Son"

When I continued to run away
What kept me in your hands?
Did you ever think your flock would stray
Or that they wouldn't understand
When you said, "Wait here
Til I return with your brother
That was lost to the ways of the world?
Catch me in your arms
Like stars in the eyes of telescopes
And, once there I rest
Never let me go. No!
Never let me go!
It was your love that said

You're no longer a slave, but a son
What could I learn
By fighting the fires
With matches and gasoline?
Oh how cruel and melodramatic are we
For trying to make sense
Of all of this!

Just don't let me fall back
Through the clouds, to the ground
Catch me in your arms, like the stars
You hold in your hands

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