"Antithesis" lyrics



This place is all too familiar!
So sudden, I find myself
Returning to the origin
The event that started it all
All I ever asked for was one more day
Is this it? Is this what I'm after?

…Back to the beginning
Where I was sinking in the sea
Where I was fighting to stay awake
Fighting the urge
To succumb to the waves

Is this what it means to be forgiven
Undeserved blessings
And a second chance
That makes time shake
And that makes lives change
When it's only been a second
In an everlasting day?

No, this can't be!
Everything's repeating!
Repeating as it already was
Written in history's page
And its ink has never been
Drawn back into its pen

I never wanted what
I couldn't pay back
Can't pay back

Let me sink to the bottom
Where I belonged all along
Let me sleep beneath.

Thanks to rad_rob for these lyrics

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