"Should've Run" lyrics


"Should've Run"

Walkin' by the river, no soul I wanna meet
I'll dive up where the bridge meets the street, where the old bar used to be
Forever is a long time, throwing rocks into the sea
Just to find out that it's just like what it always seemed to be

And so I count the lines across your face
Follow me into this lonely fucked up place where I hide

I should've run, but I believed in all those words you said – made mistakes on repeat
Close to my soul I hold you dear, drown with all those memories and secrets that you kept

Roamin' round the spots where angst and pleasure meet
Abandoned houses, lonely corners and the store across the street
Buildings keep on staring as the city swallows me
And the stories that they tell, they just keep me on my feet

Don't believe in second chances!

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