"Road Ahead" lyrics


"Road Ahead"

Hopeless on your FM dial
I was spinning broken records while
You were spilling out your guts like waterfalls
Just try to shake off the little things that
make you unaware that life can...
...life can be just beautiful sometimes

Doing time, living day to day cause time is on our side

I can't believe, how the world keeps turning on and on
And we're still here all the same
You've got to hold on to the things that make you whole

Save these words for rainy days
Close your eyes and drift away
Excuse me, while I find comfort in these songs
Just try to shake off the little things
you hate and that keep you from your goals
and make your life oh so miserable

Doing time, living day to day the fun just never ends

And you say there will be a time
When this won't mean a thing
Life is going to catch up in the end, but
if you don't see us for a while try to find us...
...you'll find us left of the dial!

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