"Chasing Ghosts, Killing Time" lyrics


"Chasing Ghosts, Killing Time"

I think I got the message, well I've heard it all before
I learned the lesson: nothing gold can stay forever
All those lines from books so clever, they collect dust up on the shelves
but will forever float around in someone's troubled mind

And all the nights we stayed up talking – scratching itches from those cuts along the way
And we've been screaming at the walls – counting scars and chasing ghosts and killing time

And now you feel the distance of all the years gone by
Wish someone wrote em down in style, no chance you'll forget
Songs of love and songs of failure, stories carve our lines into the world
So done with waiting, so done with waiting for so long

And I just have found the reasons for this mess – you know what I'd do
to feel like the way I felt with you
Hell no...I could never care about those words
Hell no...your dreams never turn out the way they should

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