"The Door" lyrics


"The Door"

A closed door
To a world,
I have yet to discover
And tough I'm too big
For the room I'm in
I'm too small for
What's outside,
Do I venture out,
And risk falling,
Into the oblivion of society,
Or stay a prisoner.
In my own mind.
Begging to be let free,
Is there anything left,
Inside of me,
Searching and I cannot find,
Somewhere to rest,
I beg for peace of mind.
Imprisoned in my soul
With nowhere left to go..
And I find myself...
...at a closed door,
To a world,
I have yet to discover.
And tough I'm too big
For the room I'm in,
I'm still too fucking
Small to go out all alone and
Survive, still trying
Still trying to escape
My mind and get by.
Trying to find a reason to
Grow and to go...
...To what's outside,
To what's outside,
The door.

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