"Of Power & Passion" lyrics


"Of Power & Passion"

You live your life
Like puppet on a string
You always know,
What tomorrow will bring
You sold your fate
As if you sold your soul away.
You have no power
No passion that remains.
You gave up on dreams,
And became just another pawn.
You live life as if there
Were no songs to sing along.
You gave up what you were searching for
To settle in and settle down.
You gave up your passion,
Killed yourself in a matter of selling out.
You oppressed your hopes
And buried them deep in the fucking ground.
And your soul is screaming,
Screaming to be let out out.
Your soul is screaming,
And you just keep walking away.
Your soul is screaming,
But you just can't face the day.
Your soul is screaming,
Why don't you let it out,
Your soul is screaming,
But you can't hear what it's screaming about.
No power, no passion
No power, no passion
No love
No life

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