"Darfur" lyrics



Living in a world, based on indifference, and intolerance.
We're believing lies claiming ignorance,
and denying the facts like there won't be consequence.
And as we turn our backs and we walk away.
There's hundreds people dying every single day
It makes me sad to think about,
the thousands of kids forced kill without, a justifiable reason.
Handed a gun and raped of all thought and decision.
Brain washed and forced to fight,
not for freedom and not for there lives.
Murderers at the age of thirteen.
Killing for there country, reasons so obscene.
And still thousands fight and thousands die,
and know one seems to be wondering why.
But we do nothing, we do nothing.
And there, killing for greed and power.
Killing to kill them all.
Killing for god. Genocide

Thanks to crishaifisch for these lyrics

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