"Part Of The Crew, Part Of The Ship" lyrics


"Part Of The Crew, Part Of The Ship"

It's all for one and one for the money
An eye for an eye, a song for the glory
That I get gone, get gone
Or the best of us are no damn good at all
Someday is just another perfect metaphor
We're never gonna get our shit together
When you give me a chance
Then you take it away
What else could you want me to say

So keep the pictures to yourself
I promise you I won't get too close
Cause these are the things we hold onto
Go on, jump the gun
Come take your shot
Give me something to live for
I'm dying to feel you again

And I know you're gonna get away
You've got your finger on the trigger
Your eyes are going cold
And I bet you're gonna swallow the pain
With your hands tied behind your back
You turn your head away
And act like you're never coming back
I won't get too close to you
So say your prayers
We're at the turn of the century
And I'm still turning heads




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