"This Is The New Sound" lyrics


"This Is The New Sound"

Don't like the government, I like the bass up
I'm not alone, the youth is waking up
I don't fit in with your society
The rules they make for you, they don't apply to me
I wanna sing, you wanna censor me
You got control, makes me act defensively
So listen up, you want perfection?
We just wanna give music a new direction

This Is The New Sound!

They want your sweat, they wanna wring it out
We just want a melody, so we can sing about
All the lies and deception,
Preventing all the rest from progressing away from this depression
And trust me it's depressing, earthquake weather
The ones who survive are the ones who stand together
You think we're wrong? Here's a correction
We're giving you the beat (turn it up!) with no discretion

This Is The New Sound!

Work 'til you're old, bottled and sold

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