"School's Out" lyrics


"School's Out"

Going to an evil school
Going to a ???
After break it's double mass
When that's done we change the class
I'm not taken seriously
Cause they don't know me, who you want to be

School is boring, it's a waste of time
School is boring, It's an uphill climb
??? I stand up no way
Boring school, they think you're thick
Boring school, it's making me sick
Sick, sick and I'm so sick sick sick so sick

Mom and Dad sleep away all day
Teachers sit there by and play
I don't know what I haven't heard
All they do is just sit and stare
??? your books at Jimmy Jones
When that's done we can all go home

Said I couldn't read or write
Said I couldn't stop ???
Since that day I've stayed away
The morons said it's not OK
I'm not going I'm staying home
I'm not going back to that dirty hole

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