"Each Dawn I Die" lyrics


"Each Dawn I Die"

Each dawn I die please tell me why there's nothing left for me
All I am is just a number in Maggie's little book
Well look here girl I'll show you how to replace the pride you took

Each dawn I die
I never look the same
Each dawn I die
I love the look of money

I'm trapped in here my so called prison, nobody's got the key
I scream and shout please let me out, won't give me any money
Put in the cage open the cage, it's held up by a hook
3 million people are trapped inside and none of them get a look

So here I stand no future here, there's nothing more for me
I'm only young I want some fun just a bit of security
Daddy's job from nine to five will be asking oh so much
Well I don't think I'll work no more I've completely given up

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