"Incredible' Monster" lyrics


"Incredible' Monster"

And this can possibly be
The end of you and me
So I recite these lines in time to be forgotten

And in the midst of what we've lost
And after all we have come across
We have discovered that the truth was right in front of us

You said you'd never be
Anything you tried to be
Breathing down my neck
You can't steal my dreams

Believe in me
Let my embrace set you free
And all your pain can be made numb at the bottom of a drink

Just be forgotten
Why can't you be forgotten?

And if I've learned one thing
It's that the truth is quite frightening
And if I can't stop speaking in deceptions
Then I'll be doomed to never leave this place

Living in deceit from the creature called fear while it keeps showing it's ugly face

You won't achieve what you strive to be
Let me in your life so I can steal away your dreams

Just be forgotten
Why can't you be forgotten?

And I am not afraid to change
I am not scared to separate
Next time I look in the mirror I'll be empty of deceit

When I'm gone I'll leave you empty

And the creature called fear was staring me right in the face

So can't you see?
The one you hate is not me
I'm the reflection of yourself
So what's it gonna be?

You left me an example
And now you set me free
To become something better
So just be forgotten

Thanks to Alex[hxc] for these lyrics

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