"One By Metallica" lyrics


"One By Metallica"

Featuring Chad Fougere

empty wall
shadows in the halls
ghosts in the window

chills in the home, though you left the candle burning
wolves scratching at the back door

goodbyes written in a letter, taped to the table:
nothing has gotten better, nothing is getting better

past the point of painting bravely pushing payments that i don't have from my bank account
it can't be so bad, each according to the rule
you never underestimated the superflous zeus and leda with the swan
making due so often on the back wall hiding behind neptune "what is that"?
you could never strike a deal as heavy as his him when the plan is bobbed and rich topped
i wish it was mine and I wish I had the same dimes as he had well
always thought he'd cock it up but if nothing will we'll lock it up but he did it right, he locked it up
I can't even touch it now
And I don't know what to do with these bones, bones, bones
I never had my heart, is hell a song?

fuck your ghost town
i'm burning the house to the ground
nothing is getting any better

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