"Old New Girlfriend" lyrics


"Old New Girlfriend"

I forgot to stamp my train ticket, but they let me go quietly
I walked thirteen blocks side by side a black cat, and thanked my luck
I see this light through the fog, and I think that it’s suppose to be you but I’m unsure
because I’m continuously taunted by the moon.

Can we meet again in three years? Be tied together a red string, and a gold band
I wake up in the morning, still half asleep with you, singing in my head
I walked through an art gallery today and marvelled as the marble statues glistened the same way you did in the sun
I felt anxious because I’ll never know if I’ll get to feel the way that your hands feel in a place that’s not my dreams

I’ll never know what your heart line reads, never know what your life line reads
I’ll never know what your heart line reads, I’ll never know what your heart…reads.

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