"New New Girlfriend" lyrics


"New New Girlfriend"

Chained to a mattress, where more things were taken then you thought you had
and somehow, it’s your fault.

Even an Ouija board couldn’t bring back what you took from me
Choked by an unseen force
Strangled in your white sat(a)in sheets

We met in a graveyard, and it took two hours for you to burn to ash
but I kept a piece of your wrist bone and left you with the mortician to put you in the trash

In distance I thought I’d a find a part of myself that I hated, but instead all I found was sexual abuse.

No one sees the handprints that you left on me
no one sees the bruises that you made me think I asked for
and no one sees the ropes unless I’m hanging from them

you are my ball gag and chain
you are the ball and chain
you are my ball and chain

Maybe in another world you’ll be forgiven
but today I hope when you look at your hands
All you see is

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