"You Wanted This" lyrics


"You Wanted This"

There must be something more that I can do
Will you please calm down so we can talk this out
You say there's nothing else here for you
And your leaving now

You said you wanted this
When I was hesitant
You showed me what you meant
And I believed everything now i'm
Messed up, turned out
My whole world's upside down
While you pretend that your happy now
I Hope, some day
I can figure it out
Maybe I'm wrong about everything

Now you won't even pick up my calls
You can't say that your completely okay
And I'll give and I'll change it all
Tell me what to say

My lungs feel like they could bleed
I think my heart stopped beating
If this is it then I think
That I'll lose everything
You say this is what you need
How can I trust anything
You say it so easier
Quit lying to me

And I know, yea I know that your leaving me now
For all the wrong reasons
And you'll go and maybe you'll figure it out
That I'm not around anymore

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