"Anchor" lyrics



Baby I don't care where we go
Leave behind all that we know
Live our lives on a sail boat
Stay right there for me to hold
Baby I don't care what you say
Criticize the way I think
Laugh at me for being lame
Promise I'll love you the same

And if I died, and ghosts were true
I'd come it back to be with you
I'd stay close enough to feel
You'd be my anchor holding still
And if you start to feel alone
I'll find a way to get you home
I'll be your light that you can't see
just please don't forget me

I hate it when you lose things
You always seem to blame me
Its secretly endearing
I'll find it like everything
I love all the games that we play
All the voices that we say
How fast you fall asleep
We just fit so easily

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