"You Were There" lyrics


"You Were There"

Did you see when they opened your eyes there was something more to you?
Nothing bitter and nothing contrived as the world around you grew
Could you blame me for pointing you out?
Could you blame my watchful eye?

Something more, something concrete and real and an answer for the why
Please say you know me, because you do Please say you love me,
Because you sacrificed, saw me through You were there for me When I could not see
You opened my eyes

Much to my surprise Did you always see into the hearts of the writer and the muse?
Accentuating the glory of life as the body and mind fuse.
I thank you now because you knew I was there,
Because none can compare, because you helped me believe,

Because the beauty now abounds the fury and the sound
I thank you now Undeniable like the air we breathe
Hidden fast like a sword we sheathe Blinding still like a focused light
Morning comes in the midst of night

Now you're gone and there's no one here Left me to fend,
No regard to fear Paved the way for the road in store
I'll always know you were there for me, you were there for me

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