"Who I Am" lyrics


"Who I Am"

I take a look around, perturbed by what I see
things are overwhelming me.
I look into your eyes, harbor my great disguise
repressed feelings; Love?
I sit depressed, undone. For what, then, you did wrong
These ends don't justify their means.
Used merely as a tool, for you I played the fool.
Now you left me tattered.

And I don't understand all these feelings you have
but this time I won't let you win.
Cuz this time around I know the back of my hand
Yet I have nothing but to pretend
So this time around, I'll know exactly who I am.
Yes this time around, I know exactly who I am.

Put in what you get out, what's that shit all about
You've left me in poverty
For you, I gave my all, weren't there, I took my fall.
Oh so easy for you.
Patient and drearily, write back to humor me,
Sever ties; leave them alone
I try to return to, back to the place where you and I could see eye to eye.

I've traveled through the back streets of my soul.
They've mislead me, and in turn kept me from whole.
I know now I've got to listen to my mind.
It's the only way, I'll ever draw from what I find.

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