"Our Yesterdays" lyrics


"Our Yesterdays"

I'm sorry girl that you feel this way,
but you can't believe in yesterday today.
I love you still, I swear I do, but not the way that you still do for me.
Couldn't live a lie, had to watch this die,
had to see you cry, could no longer deny...
that our yesterdays, they were just that.
Today, I know it's hard for you to bear.
Don't ask why or long for reasons girl, our yesterdays, they're all we had.
When I look back girl there's just you and
I didn't regret what I didn't do, never.
We're who we are for who we were and we're better off,
of that I'm sure, apart.
Things have changed so much, don't need your skin to touch,
don't need your hand to clutch, gotten rid of my crutch.
Today, I'm sketching portraits of regret,
without and rhyme and without reason knowing yesterday was all we had.
And she looked better, yes, all of her did
and I new I couldn't bind myself with ties that I would soon regret.
So I broke away from yesterday,
I'm sorry girl I will not stay in yesterday.

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