"Otherside" lyrics



These things are closing in, more so than they've ever been
I'm trying to cope, I'm the example
Unjust the very least, my good times they all cease
The pain's been wrought, my will's been trampled
My say don't mean a thing, add up all they may bring
Ms. Justice has removed her blindfold
Become the underdog, reduced to whip and flog
I've fallen down, youth rendered old Whoa!
The path before me's set now Whoa!
the tedious climb back I've tried to run,
tried to hide escape this other side.
There's no way I'll give in.
My life has been taken away, powers at be will play
I do not count, impressive number.
Statistics what they need, the innocent shall bleed
My morals shant be torn asunder
Been shoved into the back
My vision's gone to black waiting for reality to end this dream
Been called to walk the bow everything occurring now
And I cannot shake it cuz' I won't live with!

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