"Black & Blue" lyrics


"Black & Blue"

Black, consume yourself in night.
Twinkling like the starlight fights the day.
Stick your fingers in your ears. Shut your eyes and hum a tune.
You're gonna need an alibi.
The addiction's not your flaw,
it's your unhearing feeble mind that seems to
persecute what frightens you.
And you thought what you forgot forgot you.
No longer was true.
Blissful ignorance you have.
Moderation you have not.
Killing yourself can be such fun.
Pull the noose around your neck, cock the gun and prep the pill.
Jump, pull. and swallow yourself through.
Could you be so pretentious to think life not precious?
A fucking ingrate to the world.
Are you content spewing lies that further ostracize the individual you were?
Blue, blanketed in earth.
That while you eluded captures you

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