"Nihilistic Motivation" lyrics


"Nihilistic Motivation"

Crushing the day, before it's chance to rise.
I'll eat your heart right out of your chest,
before it's good and ripe.

Driven thru pain. It's character building time,
do I pull back when it hurts,
or is the pain my chance to shine.

I know I have what it take, I always did.
I had to die before I could live.

Pushing myself, destroying walls I've built.
Smashing all in my way. Release all guilt.
Striving again, stretching my wings to fly.

From way up here the darkness is a spec in the morning light.
I'm not living in hell. It's living inside of me.

Just scream, and let it out,
Just scream, and let it out.
Trust me, I have no doubt,
Trust me, I have no doubt.

Thanks to Billy for these lyrics

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